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Steps to get started in Amateur Astronomy

1. Learn about Astronomy from a good Book

Getting started is always the hardest part of any endeavor, for Astronomy it is best to start with a good book written by someone who has spent his life observing the night sky, and is well informed what is the best equipment to use.

For this i recommend the Bible of Amateur Astronomy :

If you wish to become a Citizen Scientist and volunteer on projects, check out one of the ways to do it in a educational story about David.

2. Find a good place to observe the Night Sky

If you live in a large city there are not many stars in the night sky, but usualy you can still observe very bright objects like the Moon or Venus.

Get started with getting to know the brightest objects in the night sky is the best way to start with Amateur Astronomy.

Guide Of The Solar System

3. Get a pair of Binoculars

You can experience a lot with a good set of Binoculars, they are cheap, easy to use, and offer flexibility a Telescope can’t match for events like meteor showers.

Best size is around 10×50, but any Binoculars will do for getting started. Binoculars i use are Celestron – SkyMaster , they are the best size for me and best buy in terms of Quality vs Price.

4. Go to a Planetarium or a Observatory

By now you will have some knowledge about the stars and have some questions that are best answered by professionals.

There you can meet people with similar interests, get the best advice on how to move forward, and observe the sky with the help of professionals.

5. Buy a Telescope and Enjoy

Don’t go and buy the most professional and expensive telescope, start slow and build on it, in the Book i recommend you will learn about different types of Telescopes.

Get a good, cheap, easy to use Telescope you can learn with, connect with other astronomers who can give you advice.

Enjoy the Night Sky, it offers a great “Wow factor” that will enrich your life.

The one i use is Celestron – AstroMaster 70AZ and i love it, it is good, cheap and very easy to use.