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Learn of the best ways to contribute and participate in volunteering as a citizen scientist, how to become an astronomer or relax playing some cool games.

0) Join citizen scientist programs like Zooniverse

If you are looking to do something when taking a break and dont know how to spend it, i recommend you visit Zooniverse and pick a project you would like to work on.There is a large variety of cool and fun projects that could use your help.

Website : Zooniverse

Examples from some of the projects i am volunteering on : My projects

1) Help in Medical research programs

Join and help as a Citizen Scientist where you are needed – Zooniverse /Medicine

2) Help in large projects that require a lot of computing power

Space is big and data we collect is much bigger than we can handle.

Give your CPU time to projects like SETI : SETI

My profile : /AstronomyAra

You get a nice cert from the team at SETI : CERTIFICATE

3) Educate yourself

Nothing can help more than good ideas, dont think you dont have what it takes, no one does.

Collage level education : Jason Kendall

Good beginners guide : Crash Course

4) Protect the Dark sky

Protect the night sky.

It is more important than you think.

Learn more : Dark Sky

Prticipate in an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution : Globe at night

Light polution map of the world : Light Pollution

5) Climate

The most important issue in the world today is climate change.

According to experts we have to prevent the temperature rising by 1.5 °C before 2030.

If we manage to do that, we have a 50% chance of preventing a chain reacition that cannot be stoped  and will cause a mass extinction, a statistical flip of a coin.

There are things we can do to help in saving the planet.

Informing yourself on the problem is step one.

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