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Short Story : Third World

No way out. Not without a long journey.

Only darkness, the eternal enemy. Only silence.

As she walked trough the forest, she was afraid. She walked alone.

She was afraid because the forest was all around her, there was no light above, no sound.

No stars, no moon, nothing. Her heart was racing.

Only a faint light in the distance. She walked further and closer.

She had to get to the portal. The portal was just one small corner of the forest.

The Portal was salvation from this unknown world.

Hunted by the denizens of the forest. There was no place to hide, only one way to survive, the Portal.

She was an intruder here, she was not welcome, she had to die.

A fresh breeze whizzed trough her hair, she took a deep breath, finally some calm. But this calm was short-lived.

The air was coming trough the portal. The darkness was strong and deep, so much that her breathing became irregular.

Sense of danger was growing stronger, more danger than she faced until now.

So she went into a kneeling position, tucked her head down, and waited.

She waited for the right moment to strike.

There was something behind her. Something that wanted to end her, to devour her.

It tried to come silently to her, but she knew his plan. He was a predator.

She heard a pounce and a growl. The creature stood on all four’s.

As she turned around she saw a giant black wolf grinding his teeth in midair going for the kill. He had a big fang that made him look more ferocious then he was.

At that moment two Katana swords manifested in her hands, and she danced in front of him to counter his strike.

She rolled below the wolf and stuck the Katanas in his belly. She knew this was the only way to kill this beast.

The wolf rolled over the blades, trying to dodge the incoming blows, but he failed. He was hit by the sharp, long, silver Katanas. He died instantly, a cold light filled her eyes.

She took a look at the swords and thought, soon, just hold the portal.

Swords were engraved with initials J & B. Both of these letters spelled out names,

, the way she looked at the swords, names meant something to her.

It meant so much that she decided she will make it her mission to find those who made those swords. She will not give in to fear.

Darkness was winning around her, the light was fading. She knew it was time to move.

Red eyes among the trees.

Red eyes and a hunger beyond all reason. Her heart began beating faster.

She ran towards the light and didn’t look back.

Steps were getting louder, hundreds of steps and growls. She ran towards the light, but she saw they were getting closer.

She threw her swords away, there was no way of winning this fight.

As she gained pace so did they. Her mind was telling her she needed to fight the darkness.

The closer she came to the portal, the more strength she gained.

This is not her end, she will not be ended. She had only one objective, reach the portal.

The portal was in sight. The darkness was approaching.

She smiled, i will make it, she said to herself. With one last leap she landed right in front of the portal.

Just as about she was to enter the portal, a giant foot stomped the portal gates.

The portal burst, and was no more, she looked up and saw a dark creature standing in front of the portal.

It was a Colossal Black Dragon.

She remembered the swords she threw away, but knew they would make no difference in this fight.

She fell to her knees, looked down, and said Sayonara remembering the people she is going to leave behind..

The wolves were close enough, and they were not afraid of the dragon, they came in for the kill.

She closed her eyes. No way outs. It was over she thought.

Opening her eyes she saw the Dragon cuddling next to her and the world around them burning with Dragon fire. She turned around, and saw the dark shadow of the portal fading.

Why did the Dragon destroy the portal she thought to herself, what does it want.

They looked each other in the eyes, and she heard a voice in her head.

She saw the Dragon had lost its strength and could only make one last plea.

“Don’t go my love, we need you”, the Dragon said..

She heard a flat line sound of a heart monitor becoming a steady beat.

She opened her eyes and saw Joe hugging her as she was lying on a hospital bead.

She hugged him back and summoned all her strength to tell him she is not going anywhere.

As she rubbed her face on his beard that was not shaved for months, she saw B sitting next to them on a chair.

The black cat was licking her paw and took a deep look in her eyes, i was always here was the look.

I am not letting you leave me silly human, no Sayonaras.

by Nova