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Rinkurisuto is a web, desktop and mobile application that allows you to navigate the web where you can store URLs and share them with others.
You can view shared lists of URLs from other users.
Make requests for a list of URLs.
Participate in discussions and share your products and ideas.
Create a private, public, or community URL list where you can discuss and add URLs.

As we surf the web, we make bookmarks of interesting places we have visited.
But eventually we forget about the lists we have spent so much time building.
At Rinkurisuto, you can post your lists or find lists from other users, leave comments, likes, and make community lists with your best URLs that solve a specific problem.

Rinkurisuto is a free app everyone can use but with a premium account, you get benefits that you and the community you are building your list with will appreciate.

Among the many benefits are:

  1. Make larger lists
  2. Perks for your avatar
  3. Your lists are always displayed on the home page.