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, Ready, set, GO!, Astronomy Altar

Ready, set, GO!

Once a long time ago in an astronomy club far far away, there were some folks who were interested in the study of the stars in the night sky, and asked what were the stars?

One person answered, ‘A star, a star!’

Then asked what is the difference between a star and a planet ?

The reply was the same, ‘A planet !’.

This is a nice example of how a good teacher will help to bring the student to their understanding of what is actually in front of them.

The way we learn about Astronomy is the same as how we learn about any other subject. We go into the details, look at pictures, and read about the history and development of astronomy.

Once we understand all the basic concepts about Astronomy, we can start working on actual observations to get a better understanding of what is out there.

If you’re after a way to supercharge your learning about Amateur Astronomy, then this is the book for you !. I recommend it highly !.

, Ready, set, GO!, Astronomy Altar